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B2B Platforms

Solutions for B2B platforms

Get ahead of the digital B2B commerce by integrating Mangopay’s full-stack payment infrastructure. Adapt your payment flows to cater to your user’s needs, whether it’s flexible payment terms, financing options or unique invoicing.

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Automated merchant verification (KYB)

Verify companies and sole traders fast and reduce paperwork. Automate document collection and screening to create a seamless verification experience.


Flexible payment options & terms

Provide flexible ways to pay for bulk orders and support unique B2B payment needs such as instalments, payment guarantees, cash advances, and more.

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Customizable payment flows

Streamline product and revenue growth by building the payment flows you need and letting them run on autopilot through workflows customized to your needs.


International Coverage

Business customers often look for products from offshore that may be cheaper. Onboard international merchants to diversify your catalogue of products.


E-wallet with unique IBAN

Use e-wallet accounts to securely hold funds, facilitate different payment terms, and easily manage payments. Automate them through workflows.


Comprehensive compliance & security

Take your B2B platform to the next level by expanding to new markets without the compliance burden while maintaining a trustworthy environment for your users.

Features built to enrich B2Bplatform experiences

Discover how our flexible solutions can help simplify the complex needs of a B2B platform.

Wholesale marketplaces

Your platform facilitates stock management and retail supply chains. Our solutions can help you

Manage multi-vendor baskets

We help manage and automate split payments to multiple vendors or suppliers.

Incorporate logistics intermediaries

Use our e-wallets to integrate your logistics partners in the workflow and speed up your partners’ payment processes.

Integrate BNPL providers

Easily connect with a BNPL payment partner of your choice to provide flexible payment terms to buyers while sellers get paid upfront.

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Payment-guarantees and cash-advance

Looking for BNPL, insurance or factoring partners to offer flexible payment terms to your buyers and guarantees to sellers? We've done it for you!

Financing Partners


Go pro or no-code.Explore ways to integrate

Get started with our flexible solution and start going above and beyond! Explore our SDKs with support for PHP, node js, java, ruby, .net, and python, or use our no-code solutions through the Mirakl connector and WordPress plugin.
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Since 2013, Malt has been on a mission to revolutionize the labor market and to make life easier for freelancers and their clients. Mangopay has been a key ally in making this mission a resounding success. With Mangopay, we’ve been able to revolutionize the job market by creating a unique user experience for both businesses and our freelance community.

Vincent Huguet



We have worked with Mangopay for 5 years now. They offer us a legal environment and all the payment methods we needed to launch and operate our marketplace. We use SEPA Direct Debit and cards to charge our clients according to the payment terms defined. The Integration was quick and easy.

Benjamin PY



Partnering with Mangopay has helped us become a leading B2B fashion wholesale marketplace on the French market. Their powerful e-wallet technology is a game changer! Its flexibility and versatility allows us to continually bring more value to our clients while focusing on our core activity.

Johnny Chang



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