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What does Mangopay do?

Mangopay handles online payments for a wide range of platforms across Europe. We provide them with payments technology as well as user verification and other services, which are a legal requirement for payments in the EU and the UK.

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  • Why is Mangopay on my bank statement?

    If Mangopay shows up on your bank statement, it's likely from a payment on a client's website or app, like Vinted, Leetchi, Chrono24, StaffMe and more. Contact the platform directly for queries.

    If you don't recognize a transaction, provide the following details and we will identify the platform for you.

    • The date of the transaction
    • The amount and currency
    • Your full name
    • The email address which you likely used to register yourself on the platform
    • For card payments: the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number (for example, “1234 56XX XXXX 1234” – do not send us the full number)
    • For direct debits: the reference which appears on your bank statement

    Please note, we are only able to guide you towards the relevant platform for your payment. We are not able to have further direct interactions with you and we will always ask you to take up any matters directly with them. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

  • Why am I requested to provide a copy of my ID?

  • How is my ID stored and processed?

  • Can I find out what personal data is processed by Mangopay? Can I request deletion?

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