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360° fraud protection across your platform

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Safeguard your platform with built-in fraud prevention tools that detect transaction and account takeover fraud.

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Modular setup

Select modules and build rules in various combinations that best suit your use case. Get streamlined access to transactions and profiling data with seamless integration.


All fraud scenarios covered

Keep your platform away from account takeover, reseller fraud, CNP fraud, and more fraud trends. Select what you need from features tailored to your specific challenges.


In-depth user data

Our profiling solution extracts thousands of unique end-user data attributes. This intelligence is layered with third-party data, and Mangopay network data enabling network effects to improve recommendations.


Full control over decisions

You have full control and complete visibility over fraud decisions or recommendations on whether to accept or reject users. Additionally, you can set up virtually any rule based on the data processed within our system.


Dedicated AI experts

Benefit from bespoke machine-learning models. Opt-in to include a dedicated customer success manager and data scientist in your plan to optimize your platform's security and prevent complex fraud attempts.


First-hand Darknet insights

Stay ahead of threats by proactively investigating fraudsters' communities, gathering intelligence, and reverse-engineering their methodologies to enhance fraud detection.

Detect, manage, and stop fraud attempts in real time

Leverage our profiling solution to get transactions and user in-depth data on devices network and behavior.

Fraud protection at every touchpoint of the platform workflow

We protect where it matters.

  • User registration
  • Checkout
  • Payout
  • Post-payment

Detect the most subtle signs of account takeover and account opening fraud with behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting to identify and block bad online accounts in real time.

Account takeover

Account opening fraud

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Spot fraud instantly through advanced algorithms analyzing digital fingerprints and user behavior. Simplify the UX through the checkout process with 3DS decisioning – apply friction only when risk is detected.

CNP Fraud

Payments Fraud

Promo & Policy Abuse

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Silent fraud detection: analyzes seller behavior, detects unusual patterns without disrupting legitimate users.

Reseller Fraud

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You can immediately issue a refund or send compelling evidence to protect your case. In either scenario, your chargeback ratio stays unaffected.

Dispute Handling

Chargeback Fraud

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Achieve an extensive overview 
of inquiries.

  • Overview
  • Flexibility
  • Explainability

Insights visualized in an intuitive dashboard - each detailing user behavior on your website or app and the rationale behind every recommendation.

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Establish your own guidelines, tailoring them to suit your preferences. Set your own rules in an easy way.

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Understand the required actions to take and the reasoning behind models' decisions.

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