C2C platforms

Build unique buy and sell experiences that drive growth

Retain more users, let sellers become buyers and support more monetization models.

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Use our flexible payment infrastructure to build unique buy & sell experiences.

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Build a circular money economy

Leverage our circular money feature, tailor-made for C2C platforms to let users collect and pay through their e-wallet accounts.

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Prevent fraud with more C2C intel

Manage risks with C2C tailored intel through our advanced fraud prevention solution powered by Nethone gathering intricate platform specific fraud signals and data-points.

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Adapt KYC checks based users types

We let you customize the verification flows to adapt to your dynamic user types and roles. Verify buyers as they become sellers or verify only at payout.

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Let users sign-up and sell from day one

We offer real-time verifications for individual and sole traders so they can start selling from day one, providing a frictionless onboarding experience.

Enrich the buy and sell experience with circular money capability.

Supercharge buy and sell experiences by letting sellers use earnings in their e-wallet account to pay for purchases within your marketplace.

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Promote instant liquidity

Let sellers utilize their earnings from your platform instantly.

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Drive repeat purchases

Reduces barriers to buy and sell, promoting repeat purchases.

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Reduce transaction fees for users

Sellers can skip withdrawal fees as they don’t have to take their money out to access their earnings.

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Attract more buy and sell traders

Empower buy and sell traders by giving them full control of their funds.

Drive conversions with C2Cfocused payment methods.

Offer popular payments methods for C2C marketplaces with support for flexible payment flows.

Unlock more revenue and operational efficiency.

Customize our products to the need of your C2C platform to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency.

  • Multi-currency pay-in and payout
  • Embedded finance
  • Recurring payments

Support multi-currency transactions from pay-in to payout while leveraging margins to unlock new revenue streams.

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Make money as money moves. Offer top-notch earnings management and circular purchases powered by our e-wallet infrastructure.

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Support more monetization models with recurring payments for membership fees.

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Created with developers, for developers.

Get started with our flexible solution and start going above and beyond! Explore our SDKs with support for PHP, node js, java, ruby, .net, and python, or use our no-code solutions through the Mirakl connector and WordPress plugin.

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  "DebitedFunds": {
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See how other platforms use our e-wallet feature to improve their cash management.

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Through our partnership with MANGOPAY, we have been able to find effective solutions that enhance the use of the platform and have remarkable benefits for users, who can make their transactions safely and with confidence. And it is with this objective that we will continue working and innovating together, to make the platform increasingly functional and secure.

Sara Reguilon

Head of Transactional Business


Our partnership with Mangopay has proven reliable and efficient thanks to its customisable API and responsive teams, helping us reach an international audience.

Modestas Tursa

VP of Product

Our payment products allow you to start accepting payments immediately, regardless of your platform.

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