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Available for businesses processing more than 400,000/month.

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Pricing details


A broad range of international available in 15 currencies and local payment methods to help boost conversions.

Credit & Debit Cards

Pricing for EEA (European economic Area)

  • MastercardVisaMastercard & Visa
    1.4%+ €0.25
  • Apple PayApple Pay
    1.4%+ €0.25
  • Google PayGoogle Pay
    1.4%+ €0.25
  • American Express (AMEX)American Express (AMEX)
    2.95%+ €0.25
  • Carte Bancaire (CB)Carte Bancaire (CB)
    1.4%+ €0.25
  • MaestroMaestro
    1.6%+ €0.25
  • BancontactBancontact
    1.6%+ €0.25
  • DinersDiners
    2.5%+ €0.25

Mangopay supports card payment processing in 15 currencies.
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3DS Secure

  • 3DS is an authentication method to verify a customer's identity before an online card purchase.

Alternative Payment Methods

  • PayPalPayPal
    PayPal fees
  • IdealIdeal
  • SofortSofort
    1.8%+ €0.25
  • GiropayGiropay
    1.8%+ €0.25
  • PayconiqPayconiq
    0.1%+ €0.40
  • Bank transferBank transfer
  • SEPA Direct DebitSEPA Direct Debit

More potential fees

  • Chargebacks15 per lost chargeback payment.


Flexible and programmable e-wallet infrastructure with unlimited IBANs for smoother transfers and reconciliation.

  • Unlimited e-wallets
  • Wallet-to-wallet transfers
  • E-wallet re-spend
  • Unlimited virtual IBANs
  • Unlimited time balance
  • Local customer support in 5 languages
  • Access to reporting and data

Set up your payment flows starting at 49/month


We keep your platform safe and compliant by running user KYC and KYB verifications in over 100 countries.


  • EEA, UK, USA1 per validated user
  • Rest of world5 per validated user


  • EEA, UK, USA5 per validated user
  • China20 per validated user
  • Rest of world15 per validated user


Control payout timing and send payments anywhere in the world with transparent pricing.


  • SEPA (Credit)SEPA (Credit)
  • SEPA (Instant)SEPA (Instant)
  • Faster PaymentsFaster Payments


  • Rest of world

Frequently asked questions

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  • Do you support multi-currency transactions?

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