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Send global payouts with local settlements to unlock speed and reduce transfer costs.

Trusted by 2,500+ businesses. Globally.

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Fast and cost-effective local payouts

Leverage our global payout network with local settlement support to speed up payouts, guarantee receiving amount and reduce transfer costs.

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Automated from end-to-end

Reduce operational burden through powerful reconciliation and maximize efficiency by automating payout flows.

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Built for powerful seller experiences

Simplify and elevate your seller experience by empowering sellers with fast access to funds, boosting seller loyalty and retention.

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Multi-currency mass payouts

Streamline your process and cut down manual tasks by sending payouts to multiple recipients all at once, making your payment distribution more efficient.

Payout in multi-currencies whether it’s instant, international or local payouts.

Local bank transfers

Swift transfer for international clients

SEPA transfer, instant or standard

Faster payments

Secure and compliant payouts.

We keep your payouts safe and compliant by running AML and KYC checks when necessary.

Build custom payout flows for your business model.

Configure when to payout, in what currency and amount to adapt to your business model.

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • C2C

Create automated B2B payouts by batch or on demand to verified business accounts. Configure a payout flow that works for you and your sellers.

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Create unlimited payment splits to support multi-vendor baskets. Configure payout flows to set at which stage to execute the payout.

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Let users payout from €0.10 and give them fast access to earnings in your platform by paying out in their e-wallet accounts.

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Use only our payout service or go end-to-end.

Use your platform’s cash flow to run payout and optimize money movements from end-to-end or use our payout service independently by connecting to other bank accounts.

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Use our payout service independently

Send funds to your e-wallet account from external bank accounts and use only our payout service.

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Save time by automating from payin to payout

Automate your end-to-end payment flows from payin, payment splits to seller payouts.

Discover how other platforms are benefiting from our modular and flexible solutions.

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Our partnership with Mangopay has proven reliable and efficient thanks to its customisable API and responsive teams, helping us reach an international audience.

Modestas Tursa

VP of Product

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Through our partnership with Mangopay, we have been able to find effective solutions that enhance the use of the platform and have remarkable benefits for users, who can make their transactions safely and with confidence. And it is with this objective that we will continue working and innovating together, to make the platform increasingly functional and secure.

Sara Reguilon

Head of Transactional Business

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We're thrilled with the flexibility that Mangopay has provided us to build a unique chrono24 payment experience for our buyers and sellers through a wide range of payment methods and currencies.

Tim Stracke


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Since 2013, Malt has been on a mission to revolutionize the labor market and to make life easier for freelancers and their clients. Mangopay has been a key ally in making this mission a resounding success. With Mangopay, we’ve been able to revolutionize the job market by creating a unique user experience for both businesses and our freelance community.

Vincent Huguet


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Working with Mangopay has given us peace of mind and security in our payment management. The process has been automated and made more reliable. It also allowed us to comply with the European directive on payment services, which required marketplaces to be backed by PSPs or to become financial institutions.

Benjamin Guigue

Head of Marketplace

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Partnering with Mangopay has helped us become a leading B2B fashion wholesale marketplace on the French market. Their powerful e-wallet technology is a game changer! Its flexibility and versatility allows us to continually bring more value to our clients while focusing on our core activity.

Johnny Chang


Testimonial logo tracktor.svg

We have worked with Mangopay for 5 years now. They offer us a legal environment and all the payment methods we needed to launch and operate our marketplace. We use SEPA Direct Debit and cards to charge our clients according to the payment terms defined. The Integration was quick and easy.

Benjamin PY


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