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360° fraud prevention that goes beyond payments

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See the whole picture. Fraud protection across every point of user interaction –registration, checkout, login payout, and beyond.

750M+ recommendations every year to top-tier industry players

Billions of holistic data points and insights that matter

Become part of the Mangopay network and combat fraud with the power of AI that analyses billions of data points detecting patterns that may be new to you but are known to us.

Effortless control,
powerful results

Risk detection

Stay ahead of fraud with solutions powered by darknet insights

Detect hundreds of browser and mobile-native risk signals others miss. Increase precision with rich profiling data and device fingerprinting.

  • All
  • Checkout
  • User registration
  • Payout
  • Post-payment

Payment fraud



Account takeover

User registration


Account opening fraud

User registration


Card-not-present fraud



Promo and policy abuse



Reseller fraud



First party misuse



Chargeback fraud


Rules engine

Complete control of rules engine

Customize and change rules at any time. Backtest rules using historical data to assess their success before going live.

  • IP and proxy analysis
  • Email intelligence
  • Multi-accounting
  • Remote access tools
  • Bot detection
  • Transaction abuse

Detect location inconsistencies

Configure location rules and matching to effectively detect fraud against set data points.

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Detect disposable email domains

Validate email domains against a known list of disposable ones, or provide a custom database and validation parameters.

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Limit the number of accounts created

Detect duplicate accounts and block creation attempts if they exceed a threshold.

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Detect remote access tools

Detect remote access tools by validating against a comprehensive list of signals.

Window   remote access   mobile.png

Detect bad bots

Configure parameters for traffic, device IP and behavioral analysis for detecting bots.

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Detect transaction spam

Configure limits and detection of transaction attempts to balance security with convenience.

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Machine learning

Custom ML models for your business model and risk profile

Combat ever-evolving fraud trends by working with our fraud experts to fine-tune our solution to your needs.

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90% reduction in unauthorized transactions

Tab checkmark green ocean.svg

98.5% blocked account takeover attempts

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60% drop in manual review rate

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97.5% precision of ML models


Results we bring our clients

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Distrust and safety
Fake account creation



of all fraudulent cases detected in the initial stages of the fraud prevention process


single user/device attempts to open different accounts detected over the course of a month

An e-commerce platform


Manual reviews
High chargeback ratios



reduction in manual review rate


reduction in overall chargeback rate


reduction in chargeback rates for some client’s brands

A major bank in EU and Asia


Social engineering
Compliance with state data protection legislation



of fraud attempts detected 
in the sample mobile app traffic


response time, no negative impact on UX and loading speed


recorded false-positives, once processed by our logic set-up

Get a real-time view of risk scores and recommendations

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    Rules engine

    Get a clear overview of rule sets and fine-tune to your risks profile in a matter of clicks.

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    Case manager

    Empower automation with full visibility into reviewer actions, time spent, and outcomes.

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    System recommendations

    See different recommendations by country, payment methods, profiling type and more.

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Learn how to accept more legitimate transactions while blocking fraudsters

Plug-and-play fraud prevention software

Plug in, test, and run from day one.

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Enable fraud prevention with no integration needed for seamless protection.

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Benefit from profiling solution embedded in our checkout experience.

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