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Fuel on-demand success with payments that scale with you

On-demand platforms are built for growth. Our flexible payment infrastructure makes it happen faster, for less.

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Seize more growth opportunities with payments.

We’re flexible so you can be too

Don't let rigid solutions hold you back. Build with your ambition in mind with our flexible and modular solutions.


Build scalable workflows from the get go

Don’t lose time on making clunky solutions work. Implement scalable workflows from the start without the tech barrier.


Select and connect the products that you need

We work with your current stack. Connect only the products that you need and integrate with less tech overhaul to you.


Get started your way

Integrate without the need to select a platform setup. Add more products as you go and grow faster with more flexible integration options.


More ways to accept, hold and manage payment

Our wallet infrastructure serves as building blocks for agile payment flows by allowing for programmatic holding and management of funds in wallet accounts.


Connect our products to your current stack

Working in a multi-regional setup? Our agnostic payment infrastructure lets you connect with other payment providers so you can maximize integration between your payment stack.

Cost saving everywhere

Keep more of what you earn. Discover ways to save cost with us.

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Reduce cost of payout to contractors from all over the world

Access fast and cost-effective global payouts. Integrate through our API or use our payout dashboard.

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Reduce payment cost by offering embedded wallets as a payin alternative

Create wallet accounts for buyers to reduce payment processing costs and promote re-spending.

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Reduce FX costs by managing multi-currency payments with more flexibility

Build custom currency management solution to reduce loses from currency fluctuations or double conversions.

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Reduce loses from fraud and account takeover through our 360° fraud solution

Prevent fraud for both users and service providers throughout their journey in your platform.


Flexibility also means more revenue streams

Create delightful experiences for your users while you make money in between.


Embedded wallets for users

Create wallets for your users and to tap into incremental revenue from wallet transfers, top-ups, payin, respending and more.


Cross-border transactions

Issue multi-currency wallets to your contractors and collect fees from currency conversions or transfers between accounts.


Global payouts

Unlock fast global payouts at a competitive pricing that let you add your own margins on transactions, maximizing your earnings potential.


More monetization options

Access a more steady revenue source by offering both upfront and subscription payments with less technical burden to you.

More freedom to be extraordinary

Drive user and partner retention through rich payment and financial experiences.


Let users pay in their local currencies

Boost conversion and promote transparency by accepting payments like a local without FX risks to you.


While contractors get paid in the currencies they prefer

Managing multi-currency like a pro means you can ensure sellers receive the amount they expect in the currency they need.


Accept membership or subscription payments

Offer more cost-effective options such as free delivery under a membership setup.


While partners get a more steady income source

Provide a recurring income for your partners and increase Customer Lifetime Value.


Offer a wider variety of products and services to users

Grow your products and services offering to attract and retain more users into your platform.


From freelancers and service providers around the world

Securely onboard contractors and service providers from over 100 countries.

Stay agile with less risk and compliance burden

Move forward faster with our 360° fraud prevention and comprehensive compliance support.

  • Login & registration
  • Checkout
  • Payout
  • Post-payment

Spot account takeovers swiftly using behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting to block fraudulent accounts instantly.

Account takeover


Analyze parameters to verify transactions. Simplify checkout with 3DS decisions, applying friction only when needed.

CNP Fraud

Payments Fraud

Promo & Policy Abuse


Monitor partner or service provider behavior and payout requests - including how often and where payouts are requested - to detect unusual patterns.

Reseller Fraud


Issue refunds promptly for eligible buyers to avoid chargebacks. Provide evidence if you suspect fraud.

Dispute Handling

Encryption everywhere
EMI license
Transaction monitoring
Frictionless PSD2 SCA
Encryption everywhere
EMI license
Transaction monitoring
Frictionless PSD2 SCA

All the tools you need to launch and grow

Get started and grow in a single integration. Power rich experiences that set your brand apart no matter the business setup.

  • Booking & mobility
  • Food & grocery delivery
  • Logistics & freight
  • Freelance platforms

Simplify experiences in your carsharing, taxi, scooter or booking services.


Preauthorize payments and capture at anytime

We support 30 days preauthorization so you can manage payment collection, dunning and refund with more flexibility.


Reduce payment costs by offering wallet balances as a payment and refund alternative

Create in-app wallets for users and allow top-up for recurring or small payments to reduce transaction costs. Use the same wallet accounts for storing of credits for refunds or vouchers.


Protect your users from currency fluctuations with our FX suite

Use Guaranteed or Spot FX to lock in rates and ensure the customers pay only what they agreed and service providers receive what they expect.


Create more ways to monetize and engage users in your platform.

Offer more ways for your B2B users to grow within your platform.

Build a network diverse talents from over 100 countries.

Discover how other platforms are benefiting from our modular and flexible solutions.

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Our partnership with Mangopay has proven reliable and efficient thanks to its customisable API and responsive teams, helping us reach an international audience.

Modestas Tursa

VP of Product

Testimonial logo wallapop.svg

Through our partnership with Mangopay, we have been able to find effective solutions that enhance the use of the platform and have remarkable benefits for users, who can make their transactions safely and with confidence. And it is with this objective that we will continue working and innovating together, to make the platform increasingly functional and secure.

Sara Reguilon

Head of Transactional Business

Testimonial logo chrono24.svg

We're thrilled with the flexibility that Mangopay has provided us to build a unique chrono24 payment experience for our buyers and sellers through a wide range of payment methods and currencies.

Tim Stracke


Testimonial logo malt.svg

Since 2013, Malt has been on a mission to revolutionize the labor market and to make life easier for freelancers and their clients. Mangopay has been a key ally in making this mission a resounding success. With Mangopay, we’ve been able to revolutionize the job market by creating a unique user experience for both businesses and our freelance community.

Vincent Huguet


Testimonial logo rdc.svg

Working with Mangopay has given us peace of mind and security in our payment management. The process has been automated and made more reliable. It also allowed us to comply with the European directive on payment services, which required marketplaces to be backed by PSPs or to become financial institutions.

Benjamin Guigue

Head of Marketplace

Testimonial logo paris fashion shops.svg

Partnering with Mangopay has helped us become a leading B2B fashion wholesale marketplace on the French market. Their powerful e-wallet technology is a game changer! Its flexibility and versatility allows us to continually bring more value to our clients while focusing on our core activity.

Johnny Chang


Testimonial logo tracktor.svg

We have worked with Mangopay for 5 years now. They offer us a legal environment and all the payment methods we needed to launch and operate our marketplace. We use SEPA Direct Debit and cards to charge our clients according to the payment terms defined. The Integration was quick and easy.

Benjamin PY


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