Working at Mangopay

We are committed to diversity, entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Our work and philosophy are firmly grounded in three core values:



We are a diverse team, each hand-picked for our unique qualities. Embracing our varied stories, backgrounds, skills, and expertise, our team stands apart, driving innovation and challenging the status quo.



We take pride in nurturing entrepreneurship within our dynamic industry, where innovation is paramount. We actively encourage actions and initiatives, fostering a stimulating work environment driven by creative ideas.



We create solutions collectively with our teams and partners, placing a strong emphasis on inclusion. This ensures that every team member feels welcomed from day one and is an integral part of the decision-making process that directly influences their daily lives.

Our team spans the globe, operating from 9 different offices.

Our offices

Have the flexibility to work either remotely or at our office.

Perks and Benefits

We provide all you need to reach your full potential at Mangopay, such as but not limited to the following:



We offer an attractive and competitive compensation package that is tailored to local market standards.



Join our team of passionate, hard-working, and dedicated colleagues who not only inspire your personal growth but also make your journey enjoyable. We believe that individual success is intertwined with collective collaboration.


Company events

You'll have the opportunity to connect with colleagues from various offices in delightful settings during our events!


Remote and flexible working

Work from home, offices, or co-working space: balance all that with ease and flexibility depending on your function, location and aspiration.



Some cool tech to allow you to do your best work from laptops, headphones, and more.



Guided by our job framework, bi-annual reviews, and a culture of open feedback, we actively promote the development and growth of our talents, both within their roles and within the organization.

Remote work is now integral to our company culture.

We encourage flexibility and mobility and have two custom programs to help our employees grow through experience and travel.

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Tutti Frutti

At Mangopay we offer immersive work experiences abroad to promote collaboration and growth for employees.


Work from anywhere

Work remotely for up to three weeks with just a laptop and internet. Travel or visit loved ones without interrupting your work.

What our team said about joining Mangopay?

Danielle bouathong.jpg

Danielle Bouathong

CRM Admin

“I felt my interviewers were happy in their jobs and excited to continue learning and improving. It was exactly the kind of environment I was looking for.”

Moujib chlieh.jpg

Moujib Chlieh

Customer Success Manager

“Diversity, inclusion and collaboration were real values that came through during my interviews with Mangopay, which was a key factor in my decision to join!”

Veedu udhin.jpg

Veedu Udhin

Sales Excellence

“Digital payments are the future. That’s why I joined Mangopay.”

Laetitia danton.jpg

Laëtitia Danton

Senior Product Manager - Payout

“I wanted to be part of a growing European payment scale-up and to build!”

Deborah pillet.jpg

Deborah Pillet

Head of Product - Payment

“I have a lot of experience in Product. For me, payments industry is the ideal sector to innovate, and Mangopay is a major player in this growing market.”

Franck gautier.jpg

Franck Gautier

Lead developer - DevRel

“I wanted to join a geek team and a Fintech, to be more tech focused and evolve in a tech culture.”

Our tech stack blends the newest innovations with our powerful tools. Come see for yourself.

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