Mangopay and Aria partner to transform the payment experience for B2B marketplaces

New collaboration empowers B2B marketplaces with a cutting-edge payment solution, combining Mangopay's trusted payment infrastructure with Aria’s dynamic trade credit and Pay Later offerings.

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Anna Birdsall-Strong

Anna Birdsall-Strong


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Nov 07, 2023

London, UK; 7 November 2023 – Mangopay, a platform-specific payment infrastructure provider announces a new partnership with Aria, a leading provider of deferred payment infrastructure for B2B marketplaces and platforms. The collaboration aims to empower B2B marketplaces and transactional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies with robust tools to manage their payments and credit efficiently.

As momentum in the B2B marketplace and SaaS industry builds, the payment experience continues to play a key role in the domestic and international growth of businesses in the space. In Mangopay's latest fintech innovation for B2B marketplaces, its agreement with Aria combines its modular payments offering with Aria’s credit technology and lending solutions.

As the B2B marketplace and SaaS sectors continue to grow, the quality of the payment experience is increasingly crucial for businesses expanding both domestically and internationally. Mangopay's recent update in its financial technology offerings for B2B marketplaces is a partnership with Aria. This partnership integrates Mangopay's flexible payment services with Aria’s expertise in credit assessment and lending solutions.

Aria’s B2B offering includes immediate payment options, deferred payment collections, the efficient disbursement of funds to vendors, and the meticulous handling of marketplace operator commissions, helping to reduce credit and payment risk. Business buyers can purchase goods and Pay Later for up to 90 days while sellers receive payment upon the shipment of goods, which can increase sales volume and support cash flow management for both sellers and business buyers. Crucially, allowing the marketplace to own their customer experience and provide a highly tailored checkout experience.

The partnership between Mangopay and Aria launched today highlights both companies’ commitment to driving payments innovation for B2B marketplaces - an industry with complex payment needs and dynamics. Through a combination of modularised marketplace payment infrastructure and comprehensive credit solutions, the companies’ shared vision is to empower marketplaces with unmatched control over their payment strategies, complemented by easy access to trade credit.

“Our partnership with Aria is the latest powerful example of Mangopay’s unwavering commitment to fintech innovation for B2B marketplaces. Aria's dedication to optimising B2B payments and credit aligns perfectly with Mangopay's ambitions,” explains Luke Trayfoot, Chief Revenue Officer at Mangopay. ”Our aim is to power the payment infrastructure and operations of the world's largest and most innovative marketplaces and platforms. Our solution enables them to build, operate and evolve their payments stack in a way which powers the growth of their business. Together with Aria, we believe in paving the way for a future where payment solutions are not just seamless but also transformative.”

“At Aria, we are delighted about this partnership with Mangopay, which is the result of a shared vision between our two companies and natural synergies in our respective solutions,” said Clément Carrier, CEO of Aria. “Our partnership with Mangopay, a major player with extensive reach in B2B marketplaces, better positions us to deliver a market-leading customer experience. It demonstrates how two innovative fintech organizations can work together to simplify access to necessary payment options for B2B marketplaces.

About Mangopay Mangopay empowers the platform economy with its modular payment infrastructure. Created in 2013, Mangopay has supported 2,500+ platforms and marketplaces. Built around its programmable e-wallet solution, Mangopay’s end-to-end infrastructure covers platform payment needs, from pay-in to payout, for many platform business models and workflows. In March 2023, Mangopay was named “Best Platform and Marketplace Provider” at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) Awards for providing best-in-class payment services to marketplaces and platforms and in October 2023 it was named one of FXC Intelligence’s most promising cross-border payment companies.

About Aria Aria provides B2B marketplaces and platforms deferred payment infrastructure to offer suppliers payment in 24 hours and buyers up to 60 days to pay. Reducing intermediation, increasing sales and eliminating credit or payment risk for B2B Marketplaces. Through its API-centric solution, Aria gives market-leading platforms like Malt and Brigad the tools to automate credit checking, supplier advances and buyer reconciliations. Distinct from competitors, Aria facilitates a customisable customer experience, offering the possibility of maintaining brand consistency or introducing a unique selling proposition within the transactional process, with the option to impose a margin on credit without the intrusion of external branding at the point of sale. More information on Aria

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