Sprinque partners with Mangopay to provide holistic payments solutions for B2B marketplaces

Combined capabilities offer clients frictionless infrastructure and payments terms

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James McMath

James McMath


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Feb 06, 2024

February 6 2024; Amsterdam, Netherlands: B2B payments platform Sprinque today announces a partnership with Mangopay, a modular and flexible payment infrastructure provider for marketplaces and platforms.

The collaboration enables merchants and marketplaces to take advantage of holistic and customisable payments infrastructures and terms, allowing them to grow revenues by tapping into B2B cross-border opportunities.

The partnership between Mangopay and Sprinque launched today highlights both companies’ commitment to driving payments innovation for B2B marketplaces.

Established in Amsterdam in 2021, Sprinque is the B2B payments platform that helps merchants and marketplaces expand globally by enabling frictionless purchasing with business customers. Sellers can conveniently service international buyers by offering them the net payment terms flexibility they need to complete the transaction, while risk and fraud management and other financial operations are handled by Sprinque. Sprinque is headquartered in Amsterdam and has offices in Berlin and Madrid.

Founded in 2013, Mangopay supports multiple business models in the platform economy with its modular payment infrastructure. The company has supported over 2,500 platforms and marketplaces through its programmable e-wallet solution and end-to-end payment infrastructure which covers everything from pay-in to payout.

With market reports suggesting that the B2B marketplace industry has grown by as much as 8.6 times since 2015, the payment experience continues to play a key role in the growth of businesses operating in the sector.

The collaboration between Sprinque and Mangopay is designed to empower B2B marketplaces with robust tools and a choice of payment methods to manage their payment flows with more flexibility, including those looking to introduce a buy now, pay later service to their B2B customers.

Sprinque CEO Juan Espinosa said: “We are incredibly excited about this partnership between Mangopay and Sprinque as this creates collaboration in an ecosystem where ambitious international merchants, both B2C and B2B, will be able to have access to both consumer and business tools to ensure that they are able to capture and service both sides of the coin, B2C and B2B.“

“We are also extremely aligned with Mangopay's vision in terms of capturing the opportunity at a global scale so we couldn't think of a better partner for us at this stage.”

Derrick Lynagh, Head of Sales, Partners, at Mangopay, said: “Our aim is to power the payment infrastructure and operations of the world’s largest and most innovative marketplaces and platforms. We’re committed to finding new ways to help our platform customers create and operate payments infrastructures that will help their businesses to scale.

“Partners such as Sprinque are an important part of our strategy, and collaborations like this further strengthen our proposition for B2B marketplaces and platforms. We’re delighted to form this new partnership to offer B2B marketplaces the chance to meet the demand for a greater choice of payment methods.”

About Mangopay

Mangopay empowers the platform economy with its modular payment infrastructure. Created in 2013, Mangopay has supported 2,500+ platforms and marketplaces. Built around its programmable e-wallet solution, Mangopay’s end-to-end infrastructure covers platform payment needs, from pay-in to payout, for many platform business models and workflows. In March 2023, Mangopay was named “Best Platform and Marketplace Provider” at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) Awards for providing best-in-class payment services to marketplaces and platforms and in October 2023 it was named one of FXC Intelligence’s most promising cross-border payment companies. www.mangopay.com

Contact press@mangopay.com

About Sprinque

Sprinque is a B2B payment platform that enables merchants and marketplaces to trade seamlessly with business customers across Europe and beyond by inserting trust at first order. Sellers can conveniently service international buyers by giving them the payment flexibility they need to complete the transaction while risk management, financial operations, and dunning are handled by Sprinque. This allows sellers to grow safely across Europe and beyond in a digital world.

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