Mangopay deploys its new "Work From Anywhere" Program and reinvents its workplace

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Dec 27, 2022

Paris 27 December 2022 – Mangopay, the platform-specific payment infrastructure provider, announced an HR initiative to further align the organization to the paradigm shift in the work-life balance. Recognizing the growing need to deploy or scale remote workforce policy to meet fresh work expectations, this new HR policy allows employees on permanent contracts to work remotely for up to three weeks a year, from (almost) anywhere in the world. This is a new step in Mangopay's overall ambition to become one of the best companies to work for.

Effective immediately, the "Work From Anywhere" Program allows Mangopay to adapt its organization to the post-Covid era and offer its employees a balanced framework that combines the flexibility of remote work, while keeping the office as an important anchor for social interactions and community building.

Reimagining ways of working post-pandemic

This policy builds on Mangopay’s existing successful remote working policy - which saw 99% of employees regularly working from home prior to the pandemic, and hybrid and fully remote teams become the norm during the pandemic. Mangopay culture is based on trust, and this policy seed the company go further to encourage healthy work/life balance and flexibility, with employees now able to work fully remote for three weeks from almost everywhere. With more than 30 different nationalities across the Mangopay team, diversity is at the heart of the company’s culture, and the new policy will enable employees to spend more time with families based abroad or create brand new work experiences around the world.

With the "Work From Anywhere" program, all Mangopay employees with more than six months of service are allowed to work abroad, for up to three weeks per year. The three-week period may be taken consecutively or over multiple trips. The country must be considered safe to travel to and employees must undertake all preliminary actions required before their departure (visa, vaccines, accommodation, etc.).

Mangopay’s innovative and inclusive workplace culture allowed the company to adapt quickly to the new pandemic reality in 2020, building on existing benefits and initiatives to help its people thrive. In 2020, Mangopay pioneered the extension of leave for the second parent, via the signing of the Parental Act. Today, the company is building on this existing commitment to its employees via the new remote working initiative, with the aim of both retaining and attracting the best talent.

“The pandemic blurred the lines between work and life like never before. Flexibility, inclusion, and wellbeing became the three main drivers for teams across every industry. If companies want to attract and keep the best talents, they need to constantly adapt their HR policy and initiatives. This is what we do at Mangopay”, explains Élodie Meriguet, Chief People Officer at Mangopay. “We believe the "Work From Anywhere" Program will have a positive impact on work life balance and the wellbeing of our colleagues. By adding this program to our innovative HR strategy across our organization, we believe we can provide our colleagues with a balanced framework. The key objective of this approach is to provide our employees with the best working environment possible.”

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