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Launch experiences that buyers and sellers love

Leverage our flexible infrastructure to build B2C marketplace experiences that stand out.

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Build unique, embedded payment experiences that set your brand apart.

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Let sellers sign up and sell from day one

Introduce the verification layer only when your set thresholds are triggered to reduce seller onboarding friction and churn.

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Give seller financial control

Provide sellers fast access to their earnings through embedded e-wallets that they can use to quickly receive and manage funds.

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Build experiences that drive repeat purchases

Support cashback, loyalty and rewards programs that gamifies your platform, driving engagement and repeat purchases.

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Keep your platform safe

Combine our AI-powered anti-fraud solution with KYC and KYB checks to keep a safe environment for your users and reduce losses from fraud transactions and account takeovers.

Offer rich experiences that set your brand apart.

Discover unique use cases for our products that differentiates your marketplace and unlocks more revenue streams for you.

  • Embedded finance experiences
  • Revenue optimizing payment flows
  • End-to-end multi-currency support

Use e-wallets and FX support to provide buyers and sellers built in financial services in your platform and turn each money movement to a powerful revenue engine.

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Don’t miss a beat. Leverage our reliability and conversion optimized Checkout SDK to deliver frictionless payment experiences while you increase sales.

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Go global without the currencies barriers. Sell in local currencies, hold and convert between them and payout through fast and cost-effective local rails, while you make money through FX margins.

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Win locally,scale internationally.

Let users pay with their preferred methods to increase local conversion. Speed up go-to-market, and expand your payment offering in clicks.

  • International
  • Local

We give you transparency, visibility, and control.

Our dashboard simplifies risk management, offering real-time transaction visibility. Customize fraud rules to match your risk appetite and adapt to different markets.

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Created with developers, for developers.

Get started with our flexible solution and start going above and beyond! Explore our SDKs with support for PHP, node js, java, ruby, .net, and python, or use our no-code solutions through the Mirakl connector and WordPress plugin.

  "AuthorID": "123456",
  "DebitedFunds": {
    "Amount": 12000,
    "Currency": "EUR"

See how other platforms use our e-wallet feature to improve their cash management.

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We're thrilled with the flexibility that Mangopay has provided us to build a unique chrono24 payment experience for our buyers and sellers through a wide range of payment methods and currencies.

Tim Stracke


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Working with Mangopay has given us peace of mind & security in our payment management. The process has been automated & made more reliable. It also allowed us to comply with the European directive on payment services, which required marketplaces to be backed by PSPs or to become financial institutions.

Benjamin Guigue

Head of Marketplace

Our payment products allow you to start accepting payments immediately, regardless of your platform.

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